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Last summer I learned this lesson.  I am resolved not to forget it.

I returned to my car one afternoon to find exploded soda cans in the back seat of my car.  Yuck.

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This past weekend, instead of having a home break-in, we had a home break-out.

My Saturday mornings usually consist of me attempting to sleep in while cats paw at my face and attack my toes, but this past Saturday was different – I actually slept in.  I awoke, immediately thinking “That’s odd, the cats never bothered me this morning…”  Maybe they had matured to the point where they don’t feel the insessant need to torture me when I’m trying to sleep in.  Who knows?

I grab a morning cup of coffee, and walk to the office to check my e-mail, and that is where I found the evidence.  The window screen in the office had been pushed out, and it looked like the cats had had an early morning adventure outside.  That vague uneasy feeling was in the pit of my stomach – we don’t normally let our cats outside.  Soon enough though, the cats came into the office from the living room, putting on their usually innocent eyes act.  It didn’t work though; you could see the muddy cat paw prints on the windowsill.  Caught muddy pawed.

Of course, now I’m trying to figure out if I need to screw the screen so that when the windows are open, we don’t have any more jail-breaks.

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For the past couple months, I’ve been in a racquetball league at LMRA.  Now, I don’t pretend to be incredible at the game, but I think I am decent.  A friend and I decided to join the league cause we were sick of playing against each other, and for the most part, it’s been a fun experience.

We joined the C+ league, not really knowing where our skill levels were.  I quickly found out I could be most of the players in this league, the only real challenges were two 15 year old guys who were very fast learners.  These guys knew that I was there biggest challenge and that they were mine.  I beat the first one early on in the season when he was still ramping up his skills, and I barely lost to the second later on in the season.  Now, the season ends up recycling matches, so I ended up playing the first guy again at the end of the season, but this time he was more prepared.

The past couple weeks, I had noticed a 20-something watching me play quite a bit, and I knew he was playing with those 15 year olds.  I found out a bit later that he was informally coaching them, teaching them my weaknesses and how to play against me.  So when this final matchup came between me and the first 15 year old, I was shocked to see an audience watching the match.

The cheering section, which included the 15 year old’s parents, girlfriend, informal coach, and his other 15 year old friend were cheering (which somehow felt like jeering) at every point he got.  I felt a bit like the Russian in one of the Rocky movies, minus the steroids.  It seemed as though from the day I beat this kid, he was gunning for me, waiting for this rematch.  I’d see the 20-something informal coach giving signals to the 15 year old, reminding him of “what they talked about”.  Out of the blue, towards the end of our games, I started hearing solitary claps after I played well.  Had they decided to pity me?  Nope.  It was the guy I joined the league with watching our game.

In the end, I lost, which caused me to slip from first place in the league to 3rd place; two points behind one 15 year old and 1 point behind the other.  Hey, I couldn’t let the Russian win!

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So I was going through my receipts the other day and found one from JD Reardon’s dated January. I almost tossed it but then I noticed that it said “Discover”. Hmm, that’s weird. I don’t have a Discover card, and yet I signed it…

I looked at what was on it. Wings and a pitcher of PBR. I dug deep into the recesses of my memory to think of what I was doing then. What day was that…?

I looked at the calendar. Aha! That was after the Auto Show down at DeVos. I stopped in for the wings and PBR pitcher special – by myself. Haha, no wonder I signed it! I guess the bar tender must have mixed up the cards.

At first I felt bad for whoever’s card it was. Oh well, it wasn’t much money. Then I got to thinking about what happened to MY card… Great, some dude’s gonna have a $50 tab on ME!

I found nothing. I couldn’t believe it!

And that’s how I got my free beer and hot wings.

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