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Last summer I learned this lesson.  I am resolved not to forget it.

I returned to my car one afternoon to find exploded soda cans in the back seat of my car.  Yuck.

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Automatic car washes mixed with temporary paper license plates that are on the outside of your car leave you license-less!

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I recently broke down and bought a “new” 2006 Ford Fusion with about 45k miles on it.  It’s a great car, roomy, fun to drive, and it looks pretty nice – even if I do need to fend off a little bitterness from the wifey.  Buying a “new” car is something I’ve never really done.  The car is black – not my favorite color due to its propensity to show dust easily, but the price was right.  Now, I’ve bought hand-me-down family cars, but never from a dealer before.  It was pretty nice, he took care of the taxes and title/registration transfer.

I ran into a problem on day #2 of ownership though – and here is your challange: find the flaw in my actions during the first 2 days of ownership.

I picked up the car on a Monday night, and drove it home (weeeeeee!).  The next morning, I drive it into work (weeeeee!).  I admired my car in the parking lot at work as I walked away from it.  After work, I notice as I walk up to my car that my suspicions about the black color of the car exposing any and all dust were confirmed!  Blast!  Not to worry, there is a cheap automatic car wash on the way home so I can see her sparkle.  I took her for a quick bath, and drove home.

I pulled into my driveway, and sure enough – she was sparkling!  But wait…something was wrong.  What was it?

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