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So I was going through my receipts the other day and found one from JD Reardon’s dated January. I almost tossed it but then I noticed that it said “Discover”. Hmm, that’s weird. I don’t have a Discover card, and yet I signed it…

I looked at what was on it. Wings and a pitcher of PBR. I dug deep into the recesses of my memory to think of what I was doing then. What day was that…?

I looked at the calendar. Aha! That was after the Auto Show down at DeVos. I stopped in for the wings and PBR pitcher special – by myself. Haha, no wonder I signed it! I guess the bar tender must have mixed up the cards.

At first I felt bad for whoever’s card it was. Oh well, it wasn’t much money. Then I got to thinking about what happened to MY card… Great, some dude’s gonna have a $50 tab on ME!

I found nothing. I couldn’t believe it!

And that’s how I got my free beer and hot wings.

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This past weekend, Jenni and I went to the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company in heart of Fort Worth. Amazingly, they give away free beer and a tour of the brewery from 1-3 pm every Saturday. This isn’t you typical free beer “samples” either – you bring your own glass/pint/mug/stein and they will fill you up four times before they cut you off. Their setup is simply in an old warehouse that is about a third full of brewing equipment. Everyone packs in and gets their (free) beer and listens to live music – an all around good time. Not sure how they do it exactly, but I’m certainly going back.

Rahr Brewing

Rahr & Sons Brewing Free Brew and Tour Breakdown:

The Good

Free beer #1, free beer #2, free beer #3, and free beer #4. Yum. Good music, lots of people, bring a driver – after four of these suckers you are gonna need it.

The So-So

You end up waiting the the beer line for most of the two hours. You pretty much get a beer, get about 1/3 of the way done, then hop back in line so that by the time you are done with your beer, you are at the front of the line begging for more. This is made better by the live music and the social aspect of it all.

The Ugly

Two bathrooms + Hundreds of people + Four Free Beers each = really long lines for the bathroom. To make sure you don’t explode, you need to think ahead when you get that spider sense goes off that it’s tinkle time and jump in line right away.

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