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We recently finished our current kitchen remodeling.  Essentially we expanded our kitchen island and put on a new counter top.   This got us more working space as well as more storage space with an new cabinet and a space for the garbage bin.  We also painstakingly darkened the cabinets and purchased new cabinet hardware.  The painstaking part was that it took a good 8 or 9 layers to darken it.  Detailed pictures are on Picasa, but if you just want a before and after shot.  Feel free to ooo and ahhh.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

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So, strike that last post, reverse it.

We ended up walking away from that house, towards a nicer house.  The last house, we were forced to work with Haliburton’s Relocation company, which became annoying very quickly.  While the (latest) house doesn’t have a pool, it is on the end of a cauldisac and has lots of windows overlooking the park and lots of trees.  So barring any major event, we think this is the house that we will be moving into June 12.

For your photo viewing pleasure:

2008 05 New House

Now, remember, not all of our junk is in it. I took the pictures while the inspector what doing his thing.

See, the last two houses we put offers on, Jenni sent out big mass emails.  She has not done so yet with this one, due to how the other two turned out.

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Certain decisions in life are like that – the decision causes you to toggle between extreme excitement and extreme panic. Buying a house is one of those events.

I can say with pretty high confidence that as of this past weekend, Jenni and I have bought a house in Fort Worth!

Woah, it is like we are all grown up with ‘real’ jobs and a house now. Maybe that is a part of the freaking out. We won’t move in till mid June, so we have a bit of time yet. I will post more pictures once we actually move in and make it our own a bit. Right now, the pictures certainly have an old person feel to them seeing as the couple we bought the house from is at least in their 60s. Pool Party at my place this summer!

Per Amanda’s request…

Front of House

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