According to Simon Owens, January 30 is international ‘Delete Your MySpace Account Day’. This started off as a blog rant of his that seems to have gained at least some momentum across the internet. Of course, within MySpace’s largest competitor’s website, Facebook, a group has been created to help gain some momentum for this event.

As for me, I will be joining them. I have never been fond of MySpace, and I find that I encounter several of Simon’s ‘wonderful’ MySpace Experiences, such as:

1. You rarely log in to MySpace except to delete spam friend requests from nude webcam girls.

4. You visit someone’s MySpace profile only to suddenly have music start blasting out of your speakers. (What irritates me most about this is that there is no global “no music” setting within MySpace…)

5. You have to make redundant clicks to perform simple tasks because MySpace keeps taking you to advertisement pages where you have to click on “return to MySpace profile” in order to continue what you’re doing.

6. You visit someone’s profile only to have your eyes bleed because of terrible page layout with non-matching designs and font colors.

Overall, I much prefer the semi-conformity of Facebook – although I tend to think that the advent of Facebook Applications has pushed it down the road of the MySpace Annoyances just a bit more.

Adios MySpace.

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