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So I was going through my receipts the other day and found one from JD Reardon’s dated January. I almost tossed it but then I noticed that it said “Discover”. Hmm, that’s weird. I don’t have a Discover card, and yet I signed it…

I looked at what was on it. Wings and a pitcher of PBR. I dug deep into the recesses of my memory to think of what I was doing then. What day was that…?

I looked at the calendar. Aha! That was after the Auto Show down at DeVos. I stopped in for the wings and PBR pitcher special – by myself. Haha, no wonder I signed it! I guess the bar tender must have mixed up the cards.

At first I felt bad for whoever’s card it was. Oh well, it wasn’t much money. Then I got to thinking about what happened to MY card… Great, some dude’s gonna have a $50 tab on ME!

I found nothing. I couldn’t believe it!

And that’s how I got my free beer and hot wings.

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